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Professional Consulting & Coaching

I started teaching over 30 years ago and my life has never been the same. Having been a child performer myself, and having literally raised an entire generation of artists, I not only know how to make young artists shine, but even more importantly, I know what it takes for artists of all ages to survive and thrive.


The Name

Many years ago, I ran into the term "crasian", a mash-up of "crazy" and "Asian".  Rather than feeling offended, I embraced this word because I am known in my community for being "crazy" in a good way...meaning that I am "crazy" fun and sometimes I get "crazy" ideas that actually end up being quite brilliant. I am also known for getting "crazy good" results, and directing "crazy good" shows. And although I grew up in Iowa without much Asian influence, I was raised by two Korean-immigrant parents who taught me to strive for excellence and to have ridiculously high standards. I like to think I have evolved into the perfect balance of striving for the highest heights in excellence while still finding the joy in what we are creating...after all, we do art to elevate and lift the spirit...or at least entertain ourselves and momentarily forget our troubles. 

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